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Art, the maximum expression of an introspective view of outer world. Sounds like a contradiction itself, but Oscar was right: we do art for ...

Art, the maximum expression of an introspective view of outer world. Sounds like a contradiction itself, but Oscar was right: we do art for ourselves. There is no point of making art for others, because the diversity wouldn't let you reach your goal of transmit a though, feeling or an impression. It's just simply impossible. The art should be created for ourselves to put in it, the purest drop of our soul, the clearest dream of ours, so others can experience it more intensely even if they see it with other eyes.
It's not being selfish, on the contrary, trying to please everyone would make it generic, non distinguished; because art's joy doesn't come from the pleasing intention, it's more about making you impressively empathetic. So is not the duty of the artist to make people aware of the beauty of his work, is people's willingness to feel pleasure, who must educate their minds to be able to have a mind-blowing experience. So is art useless? I don't think so Mr. Wilde. Think who would you be if it was so useless, that you didn't bother to get into.

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  1. I love art. I really do. When I'm doing that, it's like.. Indescribable feeling. Feeling that I'm doing something special, something wonderful.. My own something.
    When I drawing, I feel that I can have everything in this world.
    But when I need to express myself, I usually use music and my singing.
    It's like screaming with power and beauty together, I love singing. And Oscar, of course. :D
    Sometimes I would like to say: ,,If I'm not painting your wall, then it's non of your fucking bussiness." :))
    Art is the future. Without that we have nothing. Nothing at all.

  2. Yay, for your artistical sense! I think that the actual educational system should provide, at least the basis, of what it's call sensitivety for art. I mean learn how to appeciate it. Imagine who would you be without it. I'm sure you would have lost a lot, especially with painting. The thing is that in the schools they tend to conduct people in a particular way, which is suposed to be the best for achieving knowledge. I say fuck them. There is a world of posibilities that we should have been able to experience since kids. Don't you feel it in that way?

  3. Exactly!
    I'll never forget that we had art in school only for one year! I don't know anything about history of art, such nothing.
    I always wanted to go to some art school, but I might live in a bad place. If you want to be a doctor, sciencist or someone like this.. So you have all posibilities to do what you want. But I haven't. I'm pleasured that you feel it in the same way too! :)
    (And forgive my Yoda's word order, If you can see it.)

  4. Art (and I mean also music, dance and so on) is for me indispensable, which is maybe a little bit strange, because I am able to paint only blooms (my singing can´t stand even our dog and my movements are always similar to drunk person). But still when I see the work I can just stare and admire the artist. The creativity, the way of expression and also that something so much beutiful is possible.
    I want to say art isn´t important only for people who are doing it, but also for viewer. It presents one of the way how different people see the world, it leads to contemplation and pleasure.

  5. As an completly foreign stranger, allow me to write here my opinions. I red a few of your blogs (3-8) and first of all I need to tell you: My deepest obeisance. It´s not meant as a compliment, like to a woman, more than to a person, an human being. Such a young person as you are and so many knowledge,skills,hobbies...hmh respect. As I told it to many of my friends, wish you lot of success with your art abilities and hope for you, that one day, it will be possible for you, to earn money for your creative work. In dispite to that fact, I apriciate that you choose the quotation of Oscar Wilde, cause his opinion is TRUE. The Art is just a poor, faint&miserable TRY of an individual to let a footprint on this earth, that he(the artist-performer) was unique. This goal can be also achieved by becoming parent. Just have a child & you don´t need to care about your artistic visibility&popularity.
    And regarding to the other part, about the empathy & people's willingness to feel pleasure of the artwork. Movie is an ultimative way to express the artist feelings. Film is universal medium that encompasses all parts of life. Therefor I believe on future, where every man make his own movie from his life. And at that time, everybody will gona be an artist. Relatively, we all are already now artist.
    PS: If you wonna understand more, what I tried to explain here, you should see the movie THE FINAL CUT